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Adidas Originals Mens/Womens Gazelle Skate Shoes Burgundy/White Maximize

Adidas Originals Mens/Womens Gazelle Skate Shoes Burgundy/White

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Adidas Originals Mens/Womens Gazelle Skate Shoes Burgundy/White


rubber sole

100% Authentic

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Color: Burgundy/White


Adidas Men's Size Chart
US Size6.
UK Size5.
EU Size39.
Adidas Women's Size Chart
US Size5.
UK Size3.
EU Size36.
sammymall Customer 

Truly Exceptional

The Gazelle is one of the few shoes that fits my foot pefectly. Anyone whose foot is rather wide just behind the small toe and fairly narrow at the heel will be happy with these shoes. Being a 35 year old design, however, these are not bought for running shoes (firm sole) and can be very slippery since the tread is meant mainly for indoor soccer on rough, grippy turf.


    Love this shoes!

    This is my favorite pair of shoes, and I keep buying more just because I think it is so great! It wear very well, hold up great over time, and looks great with almost anything! I gotta have my adidas!

       Stephen J. Carlson 

      Stylish Shoes...Ideal for That "Classic" Look

      The Gazelle is a "classic" shoe from Adidas, that has been so popular, it has been around since the late 60s. I have the Spy/Black version and am very happy with them.
      The treads on the bottom of the shoe are essentially flat with a pattern of small, indented hexagons underneath (nothing fancy). This does not give you a lot of traction compared to regular athletic shoes. The relatively low amount of traction makes these shoes bad for outdoor running or other sports that are hard on your shoes (I started to play some outdoor tennis in my pair, and noticed that the rough tennis court was gradually starting to grind the sole off).
      The outside is suede, which obviously means it's best not to wear these shoes when your feet will be getting wet. The stripes are leather and pretty typical. The tongue is long and thin, and bothered me at first, until I kept it moved to the side. The shoelaces are pretty standard and come untied about as often as to be expected (more often than those rounded shoe strings).
      That's about all I can think of for these shoes. I think they are a superb buy since they come in a great 7 different colors, are not too pricey, and have a look that is ultra-stylin' !


        A nice classic shoe for casual wear

        The adidas Gazelle is one of those shoes you buy for a weekend afternoon to wear along with your softest jeans and most comfortable shirt. They look really nice in person, and offer a bit more arch support (and heel height) than many other "old school" retro shoes - but are still a low heeled shoe when compared to modern running and basketball shoes. Insoles are non-removable, so you can't upgrade the fit.

        These are slightly narrow and slightly long for their given size. The extra length appears to be due to the rounded shape of the toe box - from experience these will just be a hair long - but not like a well known popular canvas retro shoe where you need to fall back in size.

        Overall I'd buy another pair without hesitation, and recommend them to a friend.

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          Adidas Originals Mens/Womens Gazelle Skate Shoes Burgundy/White

          Adidas Originals Mens/Womens Gazelle Skate Shoes Burgundy/White

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